It is possible to live better with osteoarthritis.

Our physical activity levels significantly influence our general health. Hip and knee osteoarthritis are the main reasons why we lose our physical activity levels as we age. There is, however, good news for those of you living with hip and knee OA. Thanks to a strong base of international research evidence and recent initiatives brought to us, we now have a flow of treatment that is advised for all hip and knee OA patients to follow and new program options to match these strategies.

The early results here in Canada are very positive. Less pain, better function, fewer medications and surgeries and less time lost from work are commonly reported by those participating in this new hip and knee OA treatment stream.

My mission is to provide a point of current education and treatment options around first and second-line physiotherapy treatment options for hip and knee OA patients. I have been offering programs since their arrival to us and very much enjoy equipping patients with these tools to better self-manage their symptoms. With the recent growth of telehealth options, I am pleased that I can broaden my reach to include offering program participation to interested patients living anywhere in BC.