How we help you

  • Assessment

    Patients should book a 45-minute session with me for an assessment. I can be found live at my private practice in Vancouver or in my home locations of North Delta or Gabriola Island. Telehealth is a very effective method of assessment for knee and hip OA and I am available virtually for patients living anywhere in BC.

  • Programs

    Evidence-based and highly effective GLAD and PEAK programs now exist locally for first-line treatment of hip or knee OA.

  • One-on-One

    For some individuals, committing to programs is not realistic, typically for reasons of finances or timing. In these instances, we can devise a realistic plan for you following meeting for an assessment.

  • Pre-Operative Care

    There is good evidence that individuals who have joint replacement surgery meet their post-operative milestones faster if they have engaged in neuromuscular exercises prior to surgery.

  • Post-Operative Care

    Over my career, I have treated many patients following their hip or knee replacement surgeries. I continue to be available to do so in my Vancouver private practice.

  • Living Better with OA

    It is possible to live better with osteoarthritis. My mission is to provide a point of current education and treatment options around first and second-line physiotherapy treatment options for hip and knee OA patients.

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