Evidence-based and highly effective GLAD and PEAK programs now exist locally for first-line treatment of hip or knee OA. Please connect with me personally to find out when my next live or virtual GLAD groups are starting. I can offer PEAK or GLAD at any time to you on a one-on-one basis, live or virtual. You have lots of options!

GLA:D® Program

The best first treatment for hip and knee osteoarthritis. Following huge successes in its Danish home, GLAD (Good Living with Osteoarthritis in Denmark) arrived in Canada in 2017. I was part of the first group of BC physiotherapists trained to offer GLAD and have been running it successfully at Form Physiotherapy, my Vancouver-based private practice since 2018.

PEAK Program

Telehealth delivery of evidence-based knee osteoarthritis care. PEAK was built for delivery over telehealth and we are grateful that its developers chose to share it during the lockdown period of COVID, when traditional access to physiotherapy services was so curtailed.