Hip and Knee OA Treatment Pyramid

Date Posted : March 21, 2021

For many years, good research has advised how hip and knee osteoarthritis should be managed. Guidelines have been very consistent in the following recommendations.

  • The first line of treatment for ALL patients with hip or knee OA is education, exercise and weight loss.
  • SOME patients may need more. That second line of treatment could include medications, aids and devices (such as braces and orthotics) and more individualized therapy.
  • In those FEW cases where the non-surgical first and second lines of treatment aren’t proving sufficient, the next step is to pursue surgical consultation. This is considered the third-line of treatment.

We know that too many hip and knee OA patients don't receive adequate exposure to the long-term tools to self-manage their arthritic joints. Luckily, the tide has really turned in recent years.