A happy GLAD participant!

Review for GLAD program

Date: October 25, 2021 Written by: Janet D From: Tsawwassen, BC

I had just returned home from a physio appointment with Wendy for my shoulder. It was getting cold outside, so I took a chair over to the cupboard where we keep the scarves and gloves. I made sure the chair was stable and climbed up on it to reach the boxes containing cold weather accessories. Just as I got onto the chair, I heard and felt an ominous click in my left leg. Oh, oh, not good!

So began my adventure with osteoarthritis. Not only did I have an abnormally torn lateral meniscus in the left knee, but it seemed there was a possible flipped fragment. All this found on an MRI.

For the next while, I continued with physio, hoping to get relief from the pain when walking up and down the three flights of stairs in our house. As well, sleep was interrupted as I couldn’t find a less painful position lying down.

It was suggested by both Wendy and Taylor that this knee problem would make me a good candidate for the GLA:D program. Luckily, I was fortunate to be able to join the next GLA:D program with Nadine. The first day of what would be a 6-week, twice a week class began in March 2021.

With the program notes and exercises sent to me prior to our first session, I realized that I would do anything to avoid surgery. Even my family doctor, when she got the results of the MRI, commented that I probably was going to have to have a knee replacement. When I said, “absolutely not” and explained the GLA:D program to her, she was intrigued and supported my decision to follow this program.

I remember the very first session. I could not believe how much I couldn’t do. Getting up from a chair was not easy or painless. Even doing the step-up exercise was not fun.

Today marks the end of Week 19 and I can go up and down stairs with ease and with NO PAIN. My sleep is uninterrupted. I can even run (truthfully more like a very fast walk) across an intersection when the no walking light starts to flash.

Bike riding for 3-1/2 hours one day, not only was my husband amazed at my pace, but I was very happy that this would be something we could do together.

As a 67-year-old, I have been so pleased with the results. Whenever a friend mentions that he or she may need a knee replacement, I am quick to tell them about the GLA:D program. One friend is on the waiting list for knee surgery. While she is waiting, she can improve her mobility by doing these very simple exercises twice a week.

This is a “forever” program. If I can avoid surgery – super. Even if the osteo gets worse and surgery appears to be the last resort and perhaps necessary, I am committed to this program.

Above all, to the amazing physios at Form Physiotherapy (particularly Nadine), thank you so much for getting me into this program. It works!