Knee OA - reducing pain, increasing mobility

Review for GLAD program

Date: September 21, 2021 Written by: Meg From: Vancouver, British Columbia

When I began the GLAD program with Nadine, I could barely walk a block and stairs had become a formidable barrier. I needed to lose weight and moving so little made that objective much more difficult.

I am 77 and could not do as many repetitions as my more active classmates, but after a couple weeks, I could feel more fluidity in my knee joint and much less pain. In fact, most days now I do not need any pain medication. That is a big change - I was taking tylenol for arthritis every 8 hours.

The exercises are simple - and most can be continued at home - but having Nadine watching and making suggestions has been very important.

GLAD makes one feel that there is a way to control and manage OA. We do not need to be passive recipients of the discomfort.