My hip OA journey!

Review for GLAD program

Date: October 25, 2021 Written by: Kathleen B From: Vancouver, BC

OA kind of snuck up on me and suddenly a hip XRay indicated bone-on-bone. I was referred to a well-reputed surgeon and was seen for a very brief consult that did not involve even a physical exam - as a nurse, this was a red flag in my mind. My surgery was scheduled to take place a few months later. In the meantime, my wonderful family doctor referred me to Nadine to see what might be done to manage my symptoms (pain, weakness) in preparation for surgery. Once I started with GLAD, Nadine helped me get to a place where I regained significant ROM and pain was more easily managed as my muscles began to better support my movement. I felt so good that I decided to seek a 2nd opinion from another surgeon about my hip and then learned that it's a 12-month wait list just for the consult. I have no problem with the wait and am hopeful that I may be able to delay the surgery indefinitely as I continue to work with my body as learned through GLAD. Thanks Nadine!