4 Fun Modified Activities for Osteoarthritis to Help Keep You Active

Date Posted : February 17, 2022

To help self-manage your Osteoarthritis symptoms while safely exercising, we've created a list of 4 Osteoarthritis-friendly activities so you can safely have fun and stay active.

The Helping my Arthritis mission is to provide treatment options and education around first and second-line physiotherapy for Osteoarthritis. Our goal is to provide our patients with tools to better self-manage their symptoms. Ideally, we want to keep you away from automatically resorting to third-line treatments like surgery, unless it’s absolutely necessary. For this reason, we are BIG proponents of safe exercise for our Osteoarthritis patients in Vancouver, Delta, and Surrey. In fact, we think that getting active is one of the best ways you can manage your Osteoarthritis symptoms! 

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Osteoarthritis friendly activities that can help you get outside, get active, and even have fun - all while treating your Osteoarthritis safely. 


E-biking with Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Cycling is a great activity that combines leisurely outdoor exercise with the excitement of exploration and a fun ride. The low impact nature of riding a bike makes it a great way to stay active when you have Osteoarthritis; but, when you're dealing with Osteoarthritis pain, the repeated cycle motion of pedaling can sometimes cause irritation to your joints. In this infrequent case, having a look at the set-up of your bike might be warranted. When you’re looking for the best way to bike with bad knees, E-bikes are a good way to go!

Thanks to their pedal assist, e-bike's allow you to exercise without worsening or putting more strain on your knees. Just remember to take e-biking, and any other physical activity, at your own pace to avoid setbacks.

Urban Poling can Relieve Joint Pressure while Active

Urban Poling (or Nording Walking) is a great way to get active. Walking with specialized poles activates 75% of your muscles, providing total body aerobic and resistance training… all without stressing out your joints! The poles absorb some of the impact normally taken on by your joints and provide extra stability and safety.

Exercise in the Water to Reduce Impact on your Osteoarthritic Joints

Taking an adult swim lesson or water aerobics class can be a great way to get active when dealing with Osteoarthritis. Swimming is a good cardiovascular and strength exercise; it can increase the flexibility of your joints; and the buoyancy of water reduces impact on your joints, which means it’s low impact!

Rollerblading with Arthritis

Not only rollerblading a fun way to get active outside, it's making a comeback so you'll be on trend while exercising! 

Rollerblading causes very little impact on your knees due to the more fluid, slower motions involved. The gentle motions provide a great way for those with arthritis to build up muscle strength and overall fitness. But, as with all the exercises we’ve suggested, you need to make sure to go at your own pace. And don’t forget to wear protective gear, so if you fall you'll stay safe and protected!


Looking for more information on how to stay active and manage your Osteoarthritis symptoms?  Helping my Arthritis offers current education and treatment options around first and second-line physiotherapy for hip and knee osteoarthritis patients around Surrey, Delta, and Vancouver BC. With the recent growth in telehealth options, we are able to now offer osteoarthritis management programs to patients living anywhere in BC! Reach out today to learn more about how to help your arthritis, call 604 306 0127 or email to consult with Nadine Plotnikoff, the physiotherapist behind Helping My Arthritis.